Canyoning in Bali: thrilling adventures with certified guides

Looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Bali? Canyoning offers an exhilarating experience with certified guides ensuring your safety. Explore top spots like Yeh Lampah, Campuhan, and Aling Canyon, combining rappels, natural slides, and jumps. Dive into a world of excitement and expertise, guided by professionals with ICOpro certification for the ultimate adventure package that promises thrills and unforgettable memories. Discover why Bali is a canyoning paradise!

Thrilling Canyoning Adventures in Bali

Access on thrilling canyoning adventures in Bali, where breathtaking landscapes and adrenaline-pumping activities await.

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Top canyoning spots

Bali offers some of the most thrilling canyoning adventures. Yeh Lampah Canyon is beginner-friendly, featuring a short 5-minute approach, wades, short swims, and abseils up to 20 meters. Campuhan Canyon is renowned for its exhilarating abseil beside Bali’s famous Twin Waterfall at Gitgit. For a combination of both, the Double Canyon I merges Yeh Lampah and Campuhan, offering 14 abseils for an adrenaline-packed experience.

Adrenaline-packed activities

Expect to encounter a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities such as rappelling, natural slides, and jumps. Bat Cave Canyon starts with a 4-meter jump into clear waters and includes climbing, water slides, and trekking through a cave behind a waterfall. Aling Canyon features a 5-meter jump into a pool and tricky abseil descents, while Kedu Canyon boasts three big waterfalls, making it a must-do in the dry season.

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Safety and Expertise

Safety is paramount, with all adventures led by certified canyoning guides. The guides are ICOpro certified, ensuring high safety standards and professional expertise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced canyoneer, Bali's canyoning tours offer a safe and exhilarating experience.

Comprehensive canyoning packages

Bali offers diverse canyoning packages catering to both beginners and seasoned adventurers. For those new to canyoning, packages often include the Yeh Lampah Canyon, which features a short 5-minute approach and manageable abseils. More experienced canyoneers can opt for the Double Canyon II, combining Campuhan and Bat Cave Canyons for a challenging experience.

Family-Friendly and private tours

Families and private groups are well-catered for with family-friendly canyoning options. These packages emphasize safety and include activities suitable for children, such as easy wades and short swims. Private tours ensure a personalized experience, allowing groups to explore at their own pace.

Multi-Day Tours

For those looking to immerse themselves fully, multi-day tours combine canyoning with cultural exploration. These packages often feature overnight stays and visits to local villages, offering a holistic adventure that blends outdoor excitement with Bali's rich cultural heritage.

Safety and professional training

Safety measures are meticulously enforced, with full insurance coverage provided for all activities. Certified guides lead every tour, ensuring high safety standards. They use ICOpro training to guarantee professional expertise.

Training courses by ICOpro

ICOpro offers both recreational and professional training courses. Recreational courses teach safe canyoning techniques, while professional courses equip participants to become Independent Affiliated Instructors or join ICOpro Affiliated Centers globally. Advanced training covers technical skills and teaching methodologies, enabling participants to certify other canyoneers.

Certified Guides and Gear

Using certified guides and gear is crucial. ICOpro-certified guides ensure safety and professionalism. The gear, also ICOpro-certified, includes helmets, harnesses, and ropes designed for canyoning. This combination of expertise and equipment ensures a secure and exhilarating adventure.

By emphasizing safety, professional training, and certified equipment, Bali's canyoning tours provide a thrilling yet secure experience for adventurers of all levels.

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